Fazz Agent
for Merchants

Over 400,000 agents across Indonesia use our all-in-one finance platform to drive their business expansion.

Indonesia Only

Digital Goods
Payment as a Service

Turn every agent into a remote payment service provider, offering instant bill payments for consumers everywhere.


Easy Payment

Accept payments hassle-free with various payment methods - QR code, e-wallet or cash. Say no to small change. Say yes to near-instant settlement.


Money Transfer

Accept cash and help customers transfer money instantly, with ease.

Indonesia Only

Financial Access
for the Unbanked

Money where it matters. Our fintech solutions empower anyone to bring financial services to underserved communities.

Indonesia Only

Easy Access to
Working Capital

Our Buy-Now-Pay-Later solution helps merchants restock their inventory on flexible payment terms, so they can focus on the only thing that matters - their business growth.


Tools for Business

Build your business empire with fundamental tools, from inventory management to accounting and payroll, all in one platform.


Empowering independent business owners of SEA

We connect agents with capital, payment infrastructure, and business software solutions to help them grow.